Why another beer blog?

After deciding to start up my own blog focusing on craft beer, I faced an important question: does the Internet really need one more blog about beer? Let me give you a little background, and then we’ll get back to the question. First, I’m a 21-year-old (new, or relatively new, to beer) student (in debt) in the bustling college town of Athens, Georgia. So, what could I possibly contribute to the online beer world in the midst of numerous craft brewing websites with professional staffs and superior resources? There’s an important voice missing in all of this talk about the rapidly-expanding craft beer industry: the young craft beer drinker. As a new consumer in the beer world, I am faced with more choices than any American 21-year-old in the past was ever offered. The old stereotype of college kids knocking back the cheapest, most watery beer known to man is starting to fade away. On any given weekend, my fraternity’s own recycling bin holds a decent portion of the Great American Beer Festival’s lineup. Even college students, like myself, have realized what beer can be and are excitedly exploring the new directions in which it’s been taken. Alright, so I’m 20 years younger than most beer journalists, but what could I know about this national movement living in a little town about an hour and a half east of Atlanta? Not only did I become legal in a great time for craft beer, but I live in a city that is truly embracing the craft beer movement. Athens, Georgia may be recognized nationally as the home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs and R.E.M., but it is also gaining notoriety as the home of the Terrapin Beer Company. Downtown Athens is host to a bevy of bars (I lose count around 90), a handful of which have chosen to focus on providing the best craft beers from around the country and world.  I aim not to challenge any national websites or columns devoted to craft beer, but to join them and gladly fill a niche. With Classic City Craft, I hope to bring a young and fresh perspective of new and innovative takes on an ancient drink and to highlight some of the best brews and spots to enjoy them in the Classic City of Athens, Georgia.


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  1. Go for it man! We need a voice like you. Fresh- cliche, i know, but true. Take us along with you on your journey to beer maturity. I am anxious and exited to see what you have to say about the brews that i hold near and dear to my heart.

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